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(updated December 1, 2001)

The following page is not affiliated with Mattel.  The program was created and is solely owned by Kevin Drew.  All images and animations have not been "borrowed" or attained through any means of duplication.   Vice versa, unless you are displaying a created character to others, any characters, parts of characters, and/or images on this site cannot be used elsewhere without explicit and written consent of the creator and artist, Kevin Drew.  All programming rights of this program are reserved.  All rights on "Masters of the Universe", "He-Man", and affilated characters are reserved by Mattel.  Revenue is not created using this program as it is not a retail program.  Details and additions to this notice can be added or removed at anytime at the discretion of the owner.  I write this for my protection as well as yours.   Thank you very much.

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